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Monthly Archives: March 2011

451 Group coverage of ScaleXtreme

William Fellows, co-founder of The 451 Group, recently did a writeup on Scalextreme. Link to the report ishere (subscription required) — gives a great summary of what we’re up to. Can’t give too much of the report away but the core idea of being able to address servers that have had no management whatsoever is one of the core ideas behind what we’re working on.


Presenting at Under The Radar on April 28

We’re going to be doing one our first “public” presentations of our company and product at Under The Radar on April 28 in Mountain View. You can get more details about the conference at Under The Radar. Our specific section is listed at Infrastructure gets efficient: Announcing our 4th Group of Startups with a nice quote from us: “The number of systems IT admins manage is growing exponentially, especially as virtualization and public cloud providers make it easy to create more machines. Systems management andautomation is key to keeping your head above water,” says NandMulchandani from ScaleXtreme. Couldn’t agree more!

Having been to the conference in the past couple of years, it’s always great to see all the cool companies in your space in a single location and to get to meet the founders and teams in-person. See you there.