Systems management from the cloud

ScaleXtreme working on server management from the cloud

Server management has traditionally been the domain of several large on-site application vendors. However, servers are now being rolled out much faster than systems admins are being hired, and they’re in the cloud – public cloud, private cloud or a hybrid thereof. Unsurprisingly,  server management scales with demand for servers, yet the rate of systems admin hiring has not grown accordingly.  Equally, many of the server management vendors have simply not kept up.  So sys-admins are finding that they need to be more flexible, provisioning servers across multiple systems, with fewer resources.

ScaleXtreme addresses these issues by taking a very different approach: we provide systems and server management, from the cloud. All servers under management using ScaleXtreme – whether they are physical servers on-site behind a firewall, dedicated servers at a hosting partner such as Rackspace, virtual servers in a datacenter, and even cloud servers at Amazon EC2 – can all be managed from a single system. This console, hosted in the cloud, is therefore available anytime, anywhere, from any device with a browser. We will be releasing an Early Access version of the service in May – stay tuned.


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