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Monthly Archives: May 2011

ScaleXtreme opens for Early Access

We’re thrilled to announce early access to our cloud-based systems management product. We’re now offering one of the first completely hosted systems management products that is capable of managing your servers, regardless of location (private cloud, public cloud) or type of machine (physical or virtual).

What makes ScaleXtreme dramatically different from anything you’ve used before is:

– Installs in just a few minutes, no consultants required – unlike the older generation of products from the “big 4” vendors like BMC, IBM, CA, or HP, our products can install in minutes and we even have auto-installers for Amazon EC2, Rackspace. You can get 100’s of machines installed in under 5 minutes. Unlike other heavy-duty enterprise software companies that make tons of money off of “consulting services”, our products are for IT operations and admins to use and deploy themselves. It is that simple.

– Full support for Linux and Windows – yes, our Windows support is real and not in “beta”. We give you equal support for both operating environments and in many cases you can even pull off operations between both systems through the same interface.

– Full support for private and public cloud machines – even though we’re hosted in the cloud, we can manage your internal machines without any changes to your firewall. And of course, we can also manage your public cloud machines, regardless of who your hosting provider is or what virtualization platform they might be using. As long as your machine is running a supported Linux or Windows operating system, we can manage it.

– App Store – we’re launching one of the first “app stores” for scripts, that allows you to grab and upload your own scripts to a common store in the cloud. We have a super integrated experience that allows you to take something from the app store and it shows up right in the product – no downloads, uploads, or messy handling of files. It’s all automatic and integrated.

– “Live” management – most products for systems management are old-style batch mode products. These products don’t give you live access to your systems so you can diagnose or solve problems live. Who has time to write up “models” and “recipes” before you do anything? Our system is fully capable of allowing you to manage multiple machines through our unique “one to many” operation support, giving you the best of both worlds – live access with a multiplier effect for management.

We’ve obviously got tons of other things that you can do with the product – monitoring, automation, script management – and we encourage you to setup a free account and try it out yourself here.