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New Stuff: Dashboard, Wall, Platform Support, Monitoring Updates and More!

We’ve been busy here developing new features and improving on what we’ve got, so wanted to send out a quick announcement on some new changes we rolled out last night. And good news for all our users out there – no software updates needed since we’re a cloud-based product (not trying to make customers of on-premise software jealous, but still …)! So without more fanfare, here we go:

Improved Platform Support

Today we rolled out additional support for more server operating systems. I think with this update, we support the broadest set of Linux and Windows platforms out there. A full list of where ScaleXtreme’s agents now work on is:


  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows 2008 – just released


  • RedHat
  • Fedora
  • CentOS 4.4+
  • Debian 5+ (32 Bit)
  • Ubuntu 7+ (32 Bit)  – just released

New Dashboard

We just added a whole new set of information to the Dashboard, which is where you land when you login to your account. This includes machine information, recent jobs that have run on different machines (so you can go and view output from any completed jobs).

And since our product is “social” we couldn’t resist adding a cool new feature – The Wall. Let’s say you just changed something on a particular machine or want to make sure everyone knows about some task that you just completed. While you can send email to everyone, you can also just type in a quick message on the “Wall” and everyone will see this when they login again. Pretty cool J


We’ve improved the look and feel of the monitoring graphs – check out the new colors and layout for CPU, Memory, Network, Disk, and Processes.

Lastly, without giving too much away, we’re also planning some exciting new functionality in the next few weeks that will make using ScaleXtreme even more exciting. Stay tuned!




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